Project Album

Dogs, Friends and Family








Juno enjoys her big new yard




Koda is quite comfy in his new home






Miles at his first show




Ruby makes friends with Dusty the cat







Jasper naps in Emma's arms




Livingston living the good life





Abby gets a hug from Melanie




Buster and Shelby share a pillow







Inde with his favorite blanket






Lyra learns rock climbing in New Mexico





Journey keeps watch over Peyton





Zephyr and Maggie





Pretty pose for Sadie




Hartley thinks petunias are tasty




Gabriel helps with the dishes




Ari trying to get Madison's toy




Hina gets lots of hugs from Amy





Gunner likes to nap with his teddy bear.



Gryffindor in the snow




Buddy shares a toy with new buddy, Strider.



Where's Molly?






Cole sitting pretty.





Dodger enjoys new spotted friend Daisy




Buddha made himself right at home with Tea' and Sambooca




Astro and Mae enjoying the sun.



Parra is a real California girl.




Will is a LUA male who was born in Indiana. He now lives in New Mexico with Marion and Terry Mitchell. We have high hope for his potential as the father of future litters.



Mac had no trouble finding the softest pillows



Zoey gets plenty of love





Big brother Cosmo showed Kramer the best places for naps



Domino loves exploring during his walks


Milo is one of the family. He and Tag, the German Shorthaired Pointer, are good buddies.


Frankie wore an orange ribbon and seems partial to orange toys


Old Jesse acts like a grandmother with new pup, Lilly


Bart has taken over the job of fetching the newspaper each morning.



Augie loves to watch TV and nap on the sofa



Jazz was a big hit when he visited the local firehouse




Angie fit right in to the family.




Bonnie always finds the coziest places to nap.








Happiness is a warm puppy